Introduction and available sources to watch the Seinfeld

Seinfeld is the American television situation comedy categorized by the word sitcom that contains the features and character having the same common environment like home, workplace and sports ground accompanied by the gestures, jokes and some humors. In the series, many of the Seinfeld episodes are written by the character Seinfeld itself whose original name is also the same. The rest have been written by Larry David, Larry Charles and Peter Mailman. These episodes were started to be broadcasted first time by the National Broadcasting Company in United States of America on 5 July, 1989. Seinfeld comprised of nine seasons and the last season completed on 14 May, 1998. The first two seas

ons contained only 5 and 12 episodes respectively while the rest had in between twenty two to twenty four, making a total of 180. Most of the people who watch the television programs as for entertainment believe that among all the sitcom comedies, Seinfeld is the best. There are many websites where someone can watch Seinfeld online and can download if the website permits. But to find such websites is a very difficult and challenging task. Although some of the websites make it easy to watch the Seinfeld online. These include the Surf the Channel, Blinkx and still there may be many others too. Surf The Channel is the best among the websites to watch the Seinfeld series online. The website contains the detail information about the name of the episode, original date of release and provides the reliable links to watch because it is not the actual host of the series. Blinkx and Vids.TV are also similar to Surf the Channel but they have the problem of not organizing the Seinfeld information properly and heavy load of advertisement respectively. Importance of the Jerry Seinfeld episodes is vital from the fact that the DVD of the series available online and on the shops are being purchased in bulk quantities. With every coming episode the interest of the people always increased. At its times when it was aired online, captured the attention of the American nation and made the national broadcasting company a “must see T. V.” a title given due to the steaming of Seinfeld. This one hour steaming acts like the juggernaut back for the T. V. The language used is much easy to understand which make it more attractive even for the people of other countries.

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