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Prostitution In Finland

In the European country of Finland and several other European countries like Germany and the United Kingdom, it is not a crime to pay for sex.

In the European country of Finland and several other European countries like Germany and the United Kingdom, it is not a crime to pay for sex.

But today, about 50 percent of people in Finland want to see the laws of their country changed such that it makes it a crime for anybody to pay for sex just like is happening in neighboring country Sweden. During a survey by an influential media company in Finland on whether the purchase of sexual services should be outlawed in the country or not, it was found out that half of Fins want the law to abolish any form of prostitution which required exchange of money for a service. The study revealed that Finish women were more in favor of criminalizing any form of paid sex. Women were more eager than men were.

The study showed that 60 percent of women supported the criminalizing of prostitution with 40 percent of men also supporting the ban on commercial sex. Unlike neighboring Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Denmark, in Finland, prostitution is not a crime punishable by the law. But what makes prostitution a crime in that country is when a person purchases the service of a prostitute via a procurer or a pimp or from a trafficked prostitute.

POSTED BY facevalue On 2012-08-10
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